It was such a crazy big deal when Jordana started kindergarten this year. It was such an adjustment and such a heart-wrenching but exciting milestone. My best friend isn’t attached to my hip anymore and my little girl is now a big girl. She has gained so much independence in such a short amount of time. 

One of the biggest challenges was adjusting to her new schedule. We chose a school that is not in our school district and the commute to and from school is very long. The school is worth it and Jordana is thriving and enjoys school. She looks forward to going everyday. It is not a battle to make her go. 

The battles we did face, I’m happy to say, we are not facing anymore. Getting up early, getting all of us dressed and eating breakfast in a timely manner were all big changes that made our mornings a complete nightmare. I’ve learned to wake up a lot earlier than I initially planned. I’ve also learned that making her lunch the night before and setting her clothes out are helpful. And, preparing something quick and easy for breakfast is key! Also, allowing Jordy to dress herself and making her accountable for that task has been life changing. We are also now at the point where she can prepare her own breakfast depending on what it is. 

In the beginning we wanted her to participate in everything such as cross country and soccer. We also have swimming lessons and we talked to her about ballet classes. Luckily, Jordy was able to decide for herself that she was too busy and said we would hold off on ballet classes! Ha! We will probably restart that in the winter when cross country and soccer are finished. 

We are so happy Jordy enjoys school. This new community we’re now a part of is exciting and the families we’ve connected with are super sweet. 


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