8 months

I can’t keep up. Between Jordy’s busy kindergarten and extracurricular activities, managing dishes and laundry, keeping up with an active baby and just life, blogging is the last thing I have time for. 

Lauren sprouted her two bottom teeth in her 8th month. She’s still super happy and is now sleeping through the night. There are some nights that she is fussier than usual but nothing we can’t handle. There are days where I handle the pressures of juggling 2 kids gracefully and there are some days I just am just bat-sh*t crazy!! Almost to the point that I actually think I’m psychotic! Earl, can we have another baby, please? Lol! 

I’ll spare you details but one thing I have to write down so I’ll always remember is the way Lauren cries. She purrs and sounds like a cat. One time when I was taking a barre class, she was crying and the entire studio could hear her. One of the other clients said she sounded like Chewbacca!

And how could I forget! Lauren was baptized this month! My family, aunts, uncle and cousins flew up to Seattle for it! It was so nice of them to fly from California and Chicago. I brought them to the beach house in Tahuya and they had such a great time picking and eating oysters. The weather was beautiful and I was so happy to show them how beautiful the PNW can be. 


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