6 months

Lauren is getting so big and it’s amazing how fast things are moving along. The big milestones she’s been working on are sitting up on her own and loves to eat. This month my friend Pam and her family came up from California to visit. We went to Whidbey island for a day and traveling with 5 kids was easier than I thought. Getting to Whidbey was only a 15 minute ferry ride from Mukilteo. There was barely any time to even use the bathroom on the ferry!! 

We also went to Music in the Park once this summer. The last time I went there was with Noelle and Jordy. It’s still hard going to places I took Noelle but at the same time uplifting knowing how much I still hold onto those memories. 

The first time Lauren visited the library. 


Our cousins Chris and Shavon finally have the baby girl they prayed for. Lauren looks so big next to Gracie!

This month we went full throttle with the solids. She has had green beans, applesauce, pears, bananas, oatmeal, carrots, sweet potatoes, and avocados.  Just like with , Jordy, I make Lauren’s baby food (with the exception of the oatmeal). Let’s see how long that will last. Although Lauren loves to eat, solids make her very constipated. We give her probiotics and mix everything with pear sauce, yet she still gets super constipated. Any other suggestions?!? We’ve tried prunes too! 

Nothing has changed since Kathleen, Pam and I went to college except for the fact we’ve birthed 6 babies! 


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