5 years

I thought the hardest year was when Jordy was 3. I must say that 5 is also challenging. My patience is shot. I think the combo of a new baby and a 5 year old is definitely nice because Jordy is very helpful but she talks soooooo much and asks so many questions. Although, we think that being curious and asking questions is a positive thing, I wish she would just say “ok, mommy!” when I ask her to do things. I constantly have to explain every single thing and there are times when I don’t want to. 

Jordy is starting kindergarten and it’s crazy to think that she’ll be in school full time. I have so many emotions about it but I just pray everything will go well and Jordy will turn into a great, well rounded and kind person who will contribute greatly to our society. Too much? 

Obsessed with snapchat!

At Remlinger Farms. Mallory and Jordy are so grown up. 

Lucas and Jordy are best of friends/cousins  and have grown so close. 

And of course Chloe and Jordy at golf camp. 


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